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Victorian low level toilet set traditional loo mahogany seat

Statement Cloakroom Design

If there is one interior trend that we have watched grow with real interest, it has to be the rise of the lowly cloakroom.

Chadder Luxury Cloakroom Toilet

Once an outhouse with a loo seat temperature that only the bravest and most in need could perch on, the cloakroom has been on quite a journey. It has become an aspirational feature, a fun space to decorate. We really enjoy working on statement cloakroom design briefs, transforming functional into fabulous!

Design for modern living

The way we live in our homes has changed and continues to do so. From having to nip outside to the outhouse for a pee, our kitchens and living spaces were all very separate. Walls and doors created physical divides between utilitarian spaces and the living spaces.

We used the formal living spaces to showcase our style and thought only of practicality in the kitchen, laundry and W.C.s. Now, these spaces are all merging and we have sofas and dining tables next to each other. These open plan spaces have become multi-purpose and are getting bigger and bigger to fulfil their multiple roles.

Cloakrooms, or powder rooms evolved too. We moved on from ‘outside loo’, and welcomed the ‘downstairs loo’. Then we realised what an opportunity existed within those four small walls, to move away from merely function over form, and to have some fun with the space.

Chadder Design Bespoke Toilet Cistern

Go bold for a statement cloakroom

The cloakroom is often a small dark room, easy to overlook when applying your unique style to a home. However, if you’ve always loved a bold print wallpaper but couldn’t quite bring yourself to decorate your bedroom in it.

Or always wanted to be bolder with your colour schemes but didn’t feel brave enough to do it in the main house.

Or you fell in love with an expensive tile but couldn’t justify using it across the main bathroom.The cloakroom is at your humble service to indulge in every decadent, bold and extravagant element of your style.

This little room can take it all!

Chadder Design Bespoke-Powder-room Throne Toilet Seat

First impressions count

Bathrooms and cloakrooms have a big impact on your impressions of a home or venue.

We have all visited hotels and restaurants, and been wowed by a decadent and stylish bathroom to indulge in. Equally, we have realised how disappointing it is to come across ugly, unkempt or ill-thought out facilities in a smart establishment.

Then we realise, the same rule applies to our homes. What sense of style and personality have we derived from using a friend’s fabulous bathroom? Maybe this sneak peek into their interiors has inspired our own?

Chadder Polished Brass Double Washstand with Marble Top and Brass Taps and Fittings
Chadder Gold Vintage Powder Room Cloakroom

The cloakroom meets more of your guests than any other room in the house. It has become a teaser on how the rest of the house is styled and the personality of the family living there.

Accessorise your statement cloakroom

Because you are only decorating a small area, you can really have fun with your choice of materials, colours, finishes and accessories.

One of our most popular products for cloakrooms is a customised bespoke toilet cistern. Customers can choose whatever wording they wish as another way to express their sense of fun and identity. We have put family names, dates, royal palaces and of course, plenty of ‘thrones’ on our cisterns!

If a refit isn’t on the agenda straight away, Chadder & Co’s range of special accessories, used with luxury toiletries will really elevate your cloakroom. Emulate stunning hotel bathrooms by offering a wonderfully scented and matching hand wash with hand cream in our signature soap holders. We have seen such a demand for these special touches that take the cloakroom from something utilitarian to something really quite fun and special.

Windsor Polished Metal Toilet Roll Holder & Windsor Oyster Aged Bronze Toilet Roll Holder.

Ready to have some fun redesigning your cloakroom?
Give us a call on 01342 82 3243, drop us an email at or visit our online shop to start building your wishlist!

Chadder vintage bespoke toilet roll holder in polished metal finish
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