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Iconic Mosaic Bath

Our Iconic Mosaic Bath Design

Our Iconic Mosaic Bath Design

Arguably our most iconic piece in the entire Chadder & Co range is the mosaic bath. It has pride of place in our showroom window, at our trade shows and is often the piece that fires up our customers’ imaginations.

The mosaic bath is the vision of Sam Chadder and he makes each one by hand and to order. When you choose our mosaic bath to be the hero piece in your bathroom, you are choosing and celebrating true craftsmanship.

Design with a difference

Sam sources the mosaics specifically for each commission and because each bath is handmade to order, no two are the same.  By commissioning a mosaic bath, you are investing in a one-off, beautifully crafted piece, that you will cherish for years to come.

Each bath is a labour of love and a work of art. A feature to enjoy and indulge in, for the ultimate luxury bathroom experience.

Timeless style

Mosaic tiles as a basis for design have been used since the early classical civilisations. It is because of their timeless quality that they are so well suited to luxury bathroom design. Our iconic mosaic baths are delightfully decadent and the perfect canvas for a modern take on a historic art form. We really love the versatility too, suiting both traditional and contemporary settings. It is the combination of decadence and enduring style that makes them a true icon in our eyes.

The mosaic design can also be integrated across your bathroom.  The mosaics look spectacular as a feature wall behind the bath. Or use them for the wall in your mirror cabinet as a wonderful stylish surprise for guests.

These baths are truly iconic and a testament to Sam’s vision, creativity and skill. If you would like an iconic and decadent bath for your home or project, commission a Chadder & Co mosaic bath. Book an appointment with Sam in the showroom to view our display pieces.

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