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Toilet Cistern Made in England

Made in England

Made in England

Many of us are paying more attention to where our products come from. We are more aware of the ethical and environmental impact of manufacturing, and adopt a more considered approach in our purchasing habits. British manufacturing has long held an enviable reputation and for good reason. All Chadder Design products are made in England, to an exacting standard.

This interest in the origins of a product often influences us as to where and how we shop. This creates a welcome return to choosing, relying on and trusting British products.

The origins of a product have always mattered, just ask the Champagne houses in France. We like to understand what inspired the design, the skills involved in the manufacturing process, and the detail that elevates a product from standard to exceptional. With more information at our fingertips than ever before, it has never been easier to source well-made British products, and understand what sets them apart.

Bathroom Made in England

Investment in craftsmanship

Made in England is more than a quality stamp for British manufacturing. When you see ‘Made in England’ next to your product, it not only assures you of the quality you can expect.

This statement serves to assure you too that the craftsmen and women making the product are being paid properly, and that the environmental impact of the manufacturing process is being managed.

Buckingham Palace Toilet Cisterns

Where does your product come from?

Chadder Design manufactures products all over England using artisans who are skilled in their specific craft, delivering on quality and with acute attention to detail.

The products are designed here in Sussex, and then we work with specialists in Birmingham, Sussex and Staffordshire to deliver the renowned Chadder Design quality and style.

View our products online at Chadder & Co.

Bathroom Taps Made in England

If you’d like to know more about our design and manufacturing processes, please do book an appointment in our beautiful showroom in West Sussex. Book via or call 01342 82 3243. More about Chadder Design.

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