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Copper, Brass and Bronze Finishes

Choosing Between Copper, Brass and Bronze Finishes

Choosing Between Copper, Brass and Bronze Finishes

There is a real resurgence in the popularity of copper, brass and bronze aged finishes, and for good reason. These finishes really add a timeless elegance to a decadent bathroom suite. We can’t see popularity dwindling anytime soon!

Understanding the different finishes


Brass is an alloy (a mix of two metals) consisting of copper and zinc. The in-demand brass look of the moment is a pale yellowish hue, desired for appearing like a toned-down, demure version of gold. Although there is a real spectrum of colour variations. Brass can range from red to yellow tones and this depends on the ratio of zinc in the mix.

If you’re looking for a close resemblance to gold, brass is a great choice due to the yellow tones you can achieve.

Vintage Powder Room Royal Lions Head Basin Filler Faucet

Unlacquered brass

If you choose unlacquered brass, you can expect some slight imperfections in the finish. We love this character in the metal and it will further naturally age over time. This is often termed as a ‘living finish’ and it is a personal favourite of ours. Letting the metal age and develop in character over time gives the finish a more organic and real quality, despite it being a manufactured material.

If you want a more consistent and predictable finish on your brass, we can age and lacquer it for you. There really is no difference in product quality or longevity, it just comes down to personal taste.

Chadder Brass Design


Bronze is also an alloy, a mixture of copper with various other metals, such
as tin or aluminium. In colour, it has a duller gold hue that feels less glamorous but more earthy than brass or copper. The blackened effect you will sometimes see in bronze is created either by the materials used in its make up, or by adding a coating. The coating will create a ‘burnt coal’ finish. If you don’t want the blackened look, the metal will be very close to brass with a warmth to its brown and gold hues.

In our experience, clients looking for a more traditional design in their bathroom, opt for bronze. Whereas brass tends to be incorporated to achieve a more contemporary finish.

Bespoke cistern toilet cistern chadder luxury bathroom interior design


Copper is an incredibly versatile material that has been used for millennia and utilised in so many ways. Ancient Egyptians used it to disinfect wounds and surgical tools, whilst the earliest copper alloy weaponry dates back to the mid-5th millennium B.C. It is antimicrobial, 100% recyclable and is a vital element for our own biology. Copper helps enzymes transfer energy inside our cells so there is really very little that this material can’t do!

As if the list of accolades wasn’t enough, it is a stunning metal to complement your bathroom with. It has a beautiful living finish that matures and evolves over time and even repairs itself if damaged. It can be polished to a high shine or aged to match more traditional surroundings.


Not only is copper recyclable, 100% of the material can be recovered in the process which is another reason we love working with it. It is estimated that around 80% off all copper ever mined is still in circulation today, with very little being lost to landfill or other waste.

Chadder weathered french copper taps faucets kitchen mixer bath filler

Our Standard Copper Finishes are :

Polished Copper
A shiny raw copper which is polished to high Shine

French Copper
A reddish antique style patina

Weathered Copper
A darker almost black aged style

Copper has a warm red glow to it which really makes for an inviting interior style.  In addition, we are able to copper plate other metal fittings and fixtures to match our bathrooms.

Chadder Vintage Polished Copper Lions Head Bath/ Basin filler Faucet Taps

Cleaning and care of brass, bronze and copper finishes

If you choose one of our natural finishes, avoid using acidic or abrasive cleaning materials. These will affect your finish and longevity of the product.

The real benefit of choosing copper, brass or bronze is that you really can’t go wrong with any of these finishes. An aged metal in a luxury bathroom setting will look elegant and refined well beyond the fads and fashions.

Polished Brass Chadder Shower Tap

To view a selection of products in our different aged finishes, check out our Portfolio, head to our Chadder & Co online shop or drop us a note at to discuss your project with us.

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