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Buckingham Palace Toilet Cisterns

Bespoke Toilet Cisterns

Bespoke Toilet Cisterns

Customising your cloakroom with a bespoke toilet cistern is an imaginative and creative way of making an impression. Whether something branded, something fun or as simple as a house name, your cloakroom becomes a reflection of your style and personality.

Chadder Design has been making bespoke toilet cisterns in polished metal for over 30 years.

We still love the briefs we get and the brands we get to work with through customising the simple cistern! With Victorian powder room style at the root of the design, these toilet cisterns are classic and versatile. We have designed them for contemporary and traditional settings; they work beautifully in both.

Our long history of working with private clients and businesses (such as Holland & Holland and the Crazy Bear Hotel) has enabled us to help transform cloakrooms into stylish and fun facilities for residences and commercial venues.

All supplied with a host of different names taking pride of place on the cistern.

Holland & Holland Bespoke Cistern

Customise your cistern

In addition to branding your cistern with a name, a quote or a date, our traditionally designed toilet cisterns are available in any finish. Choose from a simple polished metal which is our most popular, to a more antique look, or even have it supplied primed ready to paint.

A copper finish looks particularly fabulous with the traditional styling of the cast metal cistern. Copper plating is applied to the cistern and brackets and then because this is a natural finish, it will age and evolve into a more antique style over time which we love.

Whatever your colour scheme or design, we’ll help you choose the right style and finish to complete the look. Visit our case study on Great Scotland Yard Hotel to view the three beautiful bespoke toilet cisterns designed for this luxury hotel.

Statement Cloakroom Design

The cloakroom is the room you can have a lot of fun with your design, features and accessories. We have loved the evolution of the cloakroom to a room that can really represent a family’s or venue’s personality. Catch up on Statement Cloakroom Design, up on the blog now.

So what would you have written on your bespoke toilet cistern!

Talk to us about design, bespoke options and finishes at or call us on 01342 82 3243.

Chadder personalised toilet cistern in polished vintage metal finish
Chadder Bespoke Toilets and Cisterns, Victorian High Toilet
Chadder Bespoke Toilets and Cisterns, Victorian High Toilet
Vintage Cloakroom Chadder Bespoke Toilet Cistern, Polished Metal with Bronze Plaque
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