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Chadder Design is the design studio for Chadder & Co, the finest collection of traditional and vintage style baths and bathroom fittings. For over 30 years, the name Chadder & Co has been synonymous with the luxury bathrooms sector. We are a family business and proud to have become a household name, both in the UK and internationally.

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Passionate about materials, craftsmanship and design solutions, we are constantly evolving and challenging the way in which our products are developed and finessed.

Chadder Design and Chadder & Co

You’re in the right place for both! Through Chadder & Co you can still purchase our beautiful, British made products.

Chadder Design is here for your more complex, bespoke or larger scale luxury bathroom requirements.

Our services extend to private bespoke commissions, luxury hotel and restaurant fit outs, and engineering elegant design solutions for challenging requirements.

Iconic Chadder Mosaic Rolltop Bath

Luxury Bathrooms: Made in England

Chadder Design manufactures products all over England using artisans who are skilled in their specific craft, delivering on quality and with acute attention to detail.

The products are designed here in Sussex, and then we work with specialists in Birmingham, Sussex and Staffordshire to deliver the renowned Chadder Design quality and style.

Bespoke Bathrooms


Martin Chadder began in 1987 with sourcing and restoring antique roll top baths. As the demand grew for decadent and luxurious bathroom suites, Martin came to design what is now recognised as the Chadite bath. A timeless roll top bath design that cherishes the beauty of antique cast iron baths but is engineered using modern materials and finishes.

As an engineer and designer, Martin’s bathroom designs are as beautiful as they are practical, decadent but purposeful, and made to order here in England.

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Showcased in our Portfolio are a selection of Chadder Design projects that demonstrate our response to complex and high spec briefs. Our attention to detail and personal approach alongside our trademark design and build quality distinguish us in the luxury sector.

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Share in our latest news, expert advice, and the innovations, trends and craftsmanship inspiring us right now.

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Book an appointment

Chadder Design is based at Blenheim Studio in Sussex which is also home to the Chadder & Co head office and Showroom. The studio and showroom are open by appointment only.

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